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A loan program could help you get what you’ve always wanted. Get a car, get a holiday, or better manage your debts and get ahead.

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We will match you with a loan program that meet your financial need. For urgent applications, we strive to make funds available to our customers within the next 24 hours.


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Reasons to Choose Our Loans

Our known four selling points in the loan market.

Customers love us!

Our great track record with previous and current customers is one of our best selling points.


Our loan options are known to be flexible but robust for various types of customers and purposes.

Great Rates

Our loan rates are current and are updated daily to give our customers the best loan contract.

Fast Approval

We also have loan options that are streamlined for a fast application, approval and cash deposit.

Loan Table Example

The table below is an example of loan repayment amounts divided into loan duration according to multiple months.

Total Loan (RM) 6 Months 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
1,000.00 176.67 93.33 51.67 37.78 30.83 26.67
5,000.00 883.33 466.67 258.33 188.89 154.17 133.33
10,000.00 1766.67 933.33 516.67 377.78 308.33 266.67
15,000.00 2650.00 1400.00 775.00 566.67 462.50 400.00
20,000.00 3533.33 1866.67 1033.33 755.56 616.67 533.33
25,000.00 4416.67 2333.33 1291.67 944.44 770.83 666.67
30,000.00 5300.00 2800.00 1550.00 1133.33 925.00 800.00
35,000.00 6183.33 3266.67 1808.33 1322.22 1079.17 933.33
40,000.00 7066.67 3733.33 2066.67 1511.11 1233.33 1066.67
45,000.00 7950.00 4200.00 2325.00 1700.00 1387.50 1200.00
50,000.00 8833.33 4666.67 2583.33 1888.89 1541.67 1333.33
55,000.00 9716.67 5133.33 2841.67 2077.78 1695.83 1466.67
100,000.00 17666.67 9333.33 5166.67 3777.78 3083.33 2666.67

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Our experienced staff can brief you on how a loan works, the amount you are eligible for, and what do you need for a loan application before you apply.

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Our company is known for our great customer service and satisfaction.

“Now I can open my business easily with additional funds. Thanks for the loan. Great service.”

S. Y. Tan

“Finding easy solutions to grow my business with a business loan. Thanks a lot. Recommended company.”

M. Ali

“Fast loan approval for home purchase. On-time fund transfer to my account. Recommended to others.”

T. Shiwam

“Now I can open my business easily with additional funds. Thanks for the loan. Great service.”

S. Y. Tan

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have further inquiries.

You can find out your outstanding balance by contacting us through our email or our phone number.

If you have a variable rate personal loan, you can pay it off early by making early or extra repayments. This could save you money on the interest you pay.

With a fixed rate personal loan, if additional payments are made, an Early Repayment Fee of $300 will be applied. You may also incur early repayment costs. Please read our Fixed Rate Personal Loan terms and conditions to see how this is calculated.

If you have a Car Loan and decide to make early or extra repayments, early repayment charges will apply. For more information, please read our Car Loan terms and conditions.

If you can’t make a personal loan repayment, please call us immediately to discuss the matter and see if we can come to a financial arrangement. We may be able to look at temporary payment options to help you manage your loan.

Yes, it does. We calculate interest according to the outstanding balance on your loan. If you miss a repayment, your outstanding balance does not reduce as scheduled on your original loan agreement.

You may also have to pay a Late Payment Fee if any part of that repayment is five days late or more. The Late Payment Fee is also charged every subsequent 30 days that repayments are overdue.

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