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Ceiling Menu

Price subject to per SQFT and Long Foot

Plaster Ceiling Plain Board (SQFT)rm3.00
Suspended Ceiling 2X4 (SQFTrm3.80
L Shape Box Up (LF)rm18.00
Light Box (LF)rm25.00

Painting Menu

Price subject to SQFT

 1 Layer2 Layer
Finishing (SQFT)rm1rm2
Undercoat (SQFT)rm1
Roof (SQFT)rm2


Price subject to per SQFT and Long Foot

8mm Laminated Flooring (SQFT)rm7.50
Carpet Tiles Flooring (SQFT)rm5.80
PVC Skirting (LF)rm5.50

Cleaning Menu

Price Subject to building Size

Normal Cleaning (2 pax) 4 Hoursrm160
Full Cleaning (2 pax) 8 Hoursrm680
Renovation Cleaning (2 pax) 4 Hoursrm680

Glass Works Menu

Price Subject to SQFT

Normal Casement Windowrm27
Normal Sliding Windowrm27
Normal Sliding Doorrm25
Performance Casementrm65
Performance Sliding Windowrm65
Performance Sliding Doorsrm65
Folding Doorrm135
Tempered Glass 12mmrm28
Shopfront Glassrm35
Security Windowrm160

Electrical Menu

Price Subject to per unit

13A Socketrm50rm90
20A Socketrm180
Air Conrm220
Light Pointrm40rm70
Tel Linerm180
Armor Cablerm480
Door Bellrm180

Custom Poster

Price subject to per unit

Poster Size 3' x 5'rm550
Poster Size 4' x 6'rm650

Plumber Menu

Price subject to menu

Washing Tap Pointrm180
Pipe to Tankrm350
water pump installationrm180
water Filter installationrm180

Custom Cabinet Menu

Price subject to Long Foot

Kitchen Cabinet Underrm450
Kitchen Cabinet upperrm380
Tall Kitchen Cabinetrm650
Shoe Cabinetrm550
TV Cabinetrm550
Wall Panel 9 (SQFT)rm45
Altar Cabinetrm580
Island Cabinetrm1150
Study Table & Drawerrm450
Hanging Door Hiding (SQFT)rm65

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